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Ah! That age old secret we all wish we knew. We've seen it on TV, we've seen it in raunchy online films and oh how we wish we could see it in our own bedrooms. Well we can, and we're going to show you how with these very simple steps, and excerpts from our

book - "The Squirter's Bible"


Step 1: Relaxation

As much as it is physical, it is psychological. So before we show you the techniques we'll show you how to relax and prepare her for the mind blowing experience she's soon to encounter! However feel free to go straight to Step 2.

. Relaxation

Make Her Squirt

Step 2: How To Make A Girl Squirt

Get right into it! This is where it gets juicy. We'll give you some of our favorite tips from our book on how to make a girl squirt!

. How To Make A Girl Squirt

The Amazing Squiters Bible

Step 3: The Squirter's Bible

As featured in Vogue ® Magazine (April Edition), The Squirters Bible is the best learning resource that contains the very best secret techniques to get yourself or your woman squirting with ease! The best method around that's guaranteed to get her soaking!

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